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Xiao Mao, MD
Assoc Res Prof, Basic Sciences
School of Medicine
Assoc Res Prof, Radiation Medicine
School of Medicine
Member, Faculty of Graduate Studies
Publications    Scholarly Journals--Submitted
  • 1.   XW Mao J Crapo, D Gridley, J Slater. Radioprotective effect of a metalloporphyrin compound in a rat eye model.  Current Eye Research, 2008 ( 9/2007 - 9/2008 )
  Scholarly Journals--Published

      Mao XW, Pecaut MJ, Stodieck LS, Ferguson VL, Bateman TA, Bouxsein M, Jones TA, Moldovan M, Cunningham CE, Chieu J and Gridley DS. Space Flight Environment Induces Mitochondrial Oxidative Damage in Ocular Tissue. Radiat. Res. 180:340-50, 2013.

    Gridley DS, Rizvi A, Makinde AY, Luo-Owen X, Mao XW, Tian J, Slater JM and Pecaut MJ. Space-relevant radiation modifies cytokine profiles, signaling proteins and Foxp3(+) T cells. Int J Radiat Biol 89:26-35, 2013


    Mao XW, Crapo JD and Gridley DS. Mitochondrial Oxidative Stress-induced Apoptosis and Radioprotection in Proton-irradiated Rat Retina. Radiat Res. 178:118-25, 2012.

     Kubinova L, Mao XW, Janacek J. Blood capill ( 1/2012 - 1/2013 )

  •       Gridley DS, Luo-Owen X, Rizvi A, Makinde AY, Pecaut MJ, Mao XW, Slater JM. Low-dose Photon and Simulated Solar Particle Event Proton Effects on Foxp3+ T Regulatory Cells and Other Leukocytes. Tech Can Res Treat 9:637-650, 2010.

        Kubínová L, Janáček J, Eržen I, and Mao XW. Measurement of capillary length from 3D images acquired by confocal microscopy using image analysis and stereology. Microsc. Microanal. 16 (Suppl 2), 2010

      Gridley DS, Freeman TL, Makinde AY, Wroe AJ, Luo-Owen X, Tian J, Mao XW, Rightnar S, Kennedy AR, Slater JM, Pecaut MJ. Comparison of proton and electron radiation effects on biological responses in liver, spleen and blood. Int J Radiat Biol. 2011 87(12):1173-81.< ( 1/2010 - 1/2011 )


          Mao XW, Favre C, Fike JR, Kubinova L, Anderson E, Campbell-Beachler M, Jones T, Smith A,  Rightnar S, Nelson GA. High-LET radiation-induced response of microvessels in the hippocampus. Radiat Res. 173:486-493. 2010.

         Mao XW, Green LM, Mekonnen T, Lindsey N, Gridley DS. Gene expression analysis of oxidative stress and apoptosis in proton-irradiated rat retina. In Vivo 24: 425-30, 2010.


    ( 1/2009 - 1/2010 )
  • Mao XW Crapo JD, Mekonnen T, Lindsey N, Martinez P, Gridely DS and Slater JM, Radioprotective effect of a metalloporphyrin compound in rat eye model.  Current Eye Res. 34: 62-72,2009. ( 6/2008 - 6/2009 )
  •    Mao, XW, Kettering, JD, & Gridley, DS.  Immunotherapy with low-dose interleukin-2 and interferon-g in a murine tumor model.  Journal of Interferon and Cytokine Research 15:  1017-1027, 1995. ( 9/2005 - 9/2006 )
  • Xioa Wen Mao. "A quantitative study of the effects of ionizing radiation on endothelial cells and capillary-like network formation." Technology Cancer Research and Treatment 5.2 (2006): 127-134.

    ( 4/2006 )
  • Mao, XW, Archambeau JO, Kubínová, L., Boyle S., Petersen G. and Grove R.  Quantification of Rat Retinal Growth   and Vascular Population Changes following Single and Split Dose Schedules of Proton Irradiation: Translational  Study Using Stereology Methods.  Radiation Research, 160, 5-13, 2003. ( 9/2003 - 9/2004 )
  • 1.   Lucie Kubínová, Xiao Wen Mao, Jiří Janáček, and John O. Archambeau. Stereology Techniques in Radiation Biology.  Radiation Research 160, 110-119,2003. ( 9/2003 - 9/2004 )
  • 1.    Mao, XW, Green LM, Gridley DS: Evaluation of Polysaccharopeptide Effects against C6 Glioma in Combination with Radiation. Oncology, 61:243-253, 2001. ( 9/2001 - 9/2002 )
  • 1.   Archambeau, JO, Mao, XW, Yonemoto, LT, Slater, JD, Friedrichsen, E, Teichmann, S, Preston, W & Slater, JM.  What is the role of radiation in the treatment of subfoveal membranes:  Review of radiobiologic, pathologic, and other considerations to initiate a multimodality discussion.  International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biol. Physics 40 (5) 1125-1136, 1998. ( 9/1997 - 9/1998 )
  • 1.   Mao, XW, Archambeau, JO & Gridley, DS.  Immunotherapy with low-dose interleukin-2 with a polysaccharopeptide derived from Coriolous versicolor.  Cancer Biotherapy and Radiopharmaceuticals 11: 393-403, 1996. ( 9/1995 - 9/1996 )
  Scholarly Journals--Accepted
  • Mao XW Archambeau P, Baqai W, larsen S and Archambeau JO, Radiobiological study of retin microvessel proliferation in diabetic-like rat model. The open Physio. J 1:38-43, 2008. ( 6/2008 - 6/2009 )
  • 1.   X.W. Mao, P Archambeau, W.K. Baqai, S. Larsen and J.O. Archambeau. Radiobiological study of retinal microvessel proliferation in diabetic-like rat model. The Open Physio. J. 1:38-43, 2008. ( 9/2007 - 9/2008 )
  Books and Chapters
  • 1.   Archambeau, JO., Mao, XW, Oeinck, C,  McMillan, PJ, Gouloumet, VL, Grove, R, Yonemto, LT, Slater, JD. Dose response of rat retinal microvessel to proton dose schedules used clinically: A pilot study.  International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biol. Phys, 48;1155-1166,2000. ( 9/2000 - 9/2001 )