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Yi Liu, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor, Family Medicine
School of Medicine
Publications    Scholarly Journals--Published
  • Jha N, O. Jurma, G. Lalli, Y. Liu, E.H. Pettus, J.T.Greenamyre, R.M. Liu, H.J. forman, J.K. Andersen. "Glutathione depletion in PC12 results in selective inhibition of mitochondria complex I activity. Implications for Parkinson?s disease." J Biol Chem 275 .34 (2000): 26096-26101 . ( 1/2000 )
  • Liu Y, L.D. Longo, and M. De Leόn. "In situ and immunocytochemical localization of E-FABP mRNA and protein during neuronal migration and differentiation in the rat brain." Brain Res 852. (2000): 16-27. ( 1/2000 )
  • Liu Y, C.A. Molina, A.A. Welcher, L.D. Longo, and M. De Leόn. "Expression of DA11, a neuronal-injury induced fatty acid binding protein, coincides with axon growth and neuronal differentiation during central nervous system development." J Neurosci Res 48. (1997): 551-562. ( 1/1997 )
  • De Leόn M, A.A. Welcher, R.H. Nahin, Y. Liu, M.A. Ruda, E.M. Shooter, and C.A. Molina. "Fatty acid binding protein is induced in neurons of the dorsal root ganglia after peripheral nerve injury." J Neurosci Res 44. (1996): 283-292. ( 1/1996 )