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Zelnelu Zamora, DNP
Assistant Professor, Nursing - Undergraduate
School of Nursing
Commitment to LLU Mission    Annual Statement of Commitment
  • I believe in nursing education and the school mission to maintain quality health care for all.  Nursing provides whole care to the patient, the family, and those who come in contact with the patient.  The art of nursing is important to pass along to the future nurses who will be caring for ill clients. God made our bodies to compensate for illness and to see His handiwork as the body overcomes illness is alwasy a miracle.  I enjoy helping new nurses find the excitement and wonder of what nursing has to offer in the miracle of God''''s people.  I will continue to be an example of a Christian nurse to these nursing students. ( 6/2009 - 6/2015 )
  • 2009 Annual Statement of commitment to the LLU Mission: "I continue to be an advisor to several students about their educational progression of classes.  I am the ASN sponsor and guide students in their spiritual and social activities.  I continue to strive to be an example of an excellent Adventist nurse.  I incorporate God''s miracle of the human body in the disease processes of the lecture topics.  I include student nursing wholeness as well as whole patient care in the diseases covered in the lectures. ( 9/2008 - 6/2009 )