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Faculty Directory
Arputharaj Kore, MBBS
Associate Professor, Surgery
School of Medicine
MBBS, 4/1979, Christian Medical College
  Affiliated with Madras University
Vellore, India
, 6/1980,
  Internship:   Christian Medical College   June 1979 to June 1980 Vellore, India
MD, 6/1980, Christian Medical College
6/79 - 6/80 
Vellore, India
MD, 2/1986, Christian Medical College
  Residency:  General Ssurgery Residency MS (Master of Surgery) Vellore, India  3/83 - 2/86
MD, 6/1992, Philadelphia University
  General Surgery (PGY I) Episcopal Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
MD, 6/1993, Wayne State University
  Residency: General Surgery (PGY II) North Oakland Medical Center  Pontiac, Michigan
MD, 6/1996, Wayne State University
  Residency:  General Surgery PGY III, IV & V) St. Joseph Mercy Hospital Pontiac, Michigan
, 6/1996,
  Residency:   General Surgery (PGY III, IV & V)       July 1993 to June 1996 St. Joseph Mercy Hospital Pontiac, Michigan
, 6/1998, Boston University
  Fellowship:   Organ Transplant Fellowship July 1996 to June1998 Boston University Medical Center Boston, Massachusetts
MD, 6/1998, Boston University
  Fellowship: Boston University Medical Center / Tufts University Boston, MA
, 1/2011,