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Christiane Schubert, PhD
Assistant Professor, Medical Education
School of Medicine
Assistant Professor, Social Work & Social Ecology
Member, Faculty of Graduate Studies
BS, 6/1997, Northern Arizona University
With Honors

(Summa Cum Laude), Microbiology. Minors: Chemistry, Criminal Justice.  

MS, 6/1999, Northern Arizona University
With Honors

(With Distinction), Criminal Justice. Thesis: Unwinding the Double Helix: DNA Evidence in Criminal Trials. Thesis Chair: Dr. Larry Gould, Associate Dean, School of Social and Behavioral Science, Northern Arizona University.  

PhD, 9/2008, Loma Linda University

Ph.D. Social Policy and Social Research. Dissertation: Healing the Effects of Medical Errors: A Vision of Justice as Wholeness. Dissertation Chair: Dr. Gerald Winslow, VP for Mission and Culture, Loma Linda University.