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Faculty Directory
Darlene Armstrong, MA, RDH
Associate Professor, Dental Hygiene
School of Dentistry
MA, *,
BS, 6/1971, Loma Linda University
MA, 1/2005, Azusa Pacific University
With Honors
  Educational Technology and Learning
Cert, 12/2005, Univ of the Pacific Dentistry
  Oral Health for People with Special Needs
Cert, 6/2006,
  The Grantsmanship Center, Inc (TGCI) - Sponsored by LLU Grantsmanship Education
Cert, 6/2006, Loma Linda University
  The Grantsmanship Center, Inc (TGCI)- sponsored by LLU - Grantsmanship Education
, 1/2009,
, 7/2010, Azusa Pacific University
  Candidate Ed.D. from Azusa Pacific University - July 21, 2010
Cert, 1/2012, Azusa Pacific University
  Doctoral-Level Certificate in Strengths-Oriented Higher Education
EDD, 1/2012, Azusa Pacific University
  Higher Education Leadership with Strengths-oriented Emphasis