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David Bee, MD, MS, FACP
Assistant Professor, Medicine
School of Medicine
BA, 6/1961, Andrews University
With Honors
  Bachelor of Arts Degree in Religion (the ministerial course at that time) Chemistry minor and other pre-med requirements.  Dropped out of college, uncertain as to career path, after freshman year to teach elementary school in Indiana SDA conference.  (In 1956 college degree not required to teach in Indiana.)  After two years teaching 6 grades in one room schools, decided the ministry (My dad was a pastor.) would be less likely to kill me from stress and exhaustion than teaching grade school.  So I came back to Andrews and completed my undergraduate work.  

While earning a living as a nite-shift hospital orderly, I realized my true calling to be medicine and added the necessary pre-med courses to my studies.  The training in the techniques of preaching were not wasted entirely.

Edited weekly college newspaper, "The Student Movement" in Junior year. 
MD, 5/1967, Univ of Southern California
  Pre-clinical years at CME/Loma Linda.  Transfered to USC over un-resolvable theological and sociological conflicts with LLU administration.

Clinical years at USC School of Medicine (Now Keck) spent at LA County-USC Medical Center, Rancho Los Amigos and LA Children's Hospital. 

Tuition was low enough ($1700.00 a semester) that I could support myself as a hospital lab tech and pay tuition from earnings.  Graduated with no debt and a used 1964 MGB to drive! 
MS, 12/1996, Cal State U Los Angeles
With Honors
  Masters degree in Health Care Administration.  Was working at the time as a Medical director for United Health Care.  The education was helpful in teaching physicans and Medical Groups how to be successful in a managed care environment.