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Edelweiss Ramal, PhD
Associate Professor, Nursing - Graduate
School of Nursing
Member, Faculty of Graduate Studies
MS, 6/1974, Loma Linda University
Masters thesis: 

Masters thesis: 
Placental Diffusion Capacity of Carbon Monoxide in Unanesthetized Rabbits

Published in America Journal of Physiology under maiden name Edelweiss Rocco


Rocco, E. Bennet, T. R., &  Power, G. (1975).  Placental diffusing capacity in unanesthetized rabbits.  American Journal of Physiology. 228(2), 465-469.

MED, 5/1996,
MED, 5/1996, Univ of Montemorelos
  Project for completion of Master’s degree: Integration of Faith and Leaning the in Teaching-Learning Process in Health Sciences Developed a model for integration of faith and learning in health sciences and conducted workshops for faculty
PhD, 8/2002, Andrews University
  Doctoral dissertation:

The Relationship between Perspectives of Spiritual Care and Organizational Climate in Seventh-day Adventist Baccalaureate Nursing Programs in North America