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Faculty Directory
Gregory Olson, DDS, MS
Assistant Professor, Orthodontics
School of Dentistry
Assistant Professor, Oral Diagnosis, Radiology, and Pathology
School of Dentistry
Member, Faculty of Graduate Studies
BS, 5/1991, Pacific Union College
  BSc in Business Administration
DDS, 5/1996, Loma Linda University
DDS, 5/1996, Loma Linda University
FP CERT, 5/1998, Loma Linda University
With Honors

Pediatric Dentistry

Cert, 5/1998, Loma Linda University
  Advanced Education in Pediatric Dentistry
FP CERT, 9/2011, Loma Linda University

Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics

MS, 9/2011, Loma Linda University