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James Walters, PhD
Associate Scholar, Center for Christian Bioethics, Associate Scholar Center for Christian Bioethics
School of Religion
Professor, Religion - Ethical Studies
School of Religion
PhD, 1979,
PhD, 6/1979, Claremont Graduate University
  My focus is bioethics. I have published on ethical issues at life''s edges--the beginning and end of life--as well as writing on personhood, and feminist and theological ethics.  The most distinctive contribution I''ve made to my field is the concept of "proximate personhood," by which I mean that the moral status of a "person" is determined on a graduating scale, taking into account a) the potentiality for gaining or regaining personal being, b) the devlopment toward becoming a personal being or development beyond such being, and c) the bonding of an individual and significant others or society at large.