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Naomi Modeste, DrPH
Professor, School of Public Health
School of Public Health
BS, 6/1970, Union College
  BS in Sociology and Psychology
MPH, 8/1971, Loma Linda University
  MPH in Community Health Education with practicum.
DrPH, 6/1984, Loma Linda University
  This educational experience included health education as a major emphasis and incorporated leadership, research and evalution. Dissertation emphasis was on hypertension in the Caribbean. A cross-sectional study assessing predisposing factors for elevated blood pressure in the English speaking Caribbean Adventist Population was conducted among 433 participants aged 21 -60 years old using a stratefied multistaged random sampling technique.  Heigh, weight, skinfold thickness, and two baseline blood pressure measurements were taken; and participants also completed a questionnaire.