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Ricardo Escobar, MS
Assistant Professor, Earth and Biological Sciences
School of Medicine
BS, 7/2003, La Sierra University
  My interest for Reptiles and Amphibians (Herpetology) began at La Sierra University. I had the opportunity to conduct research in Singapore and Malaysia as an undergraduate.
MS, 7/2007, Loma Linda University
  Loma Linda University cultivated in me the desire for scientific research. My Masters thesis was entitled "Post-Release Success of Headstarted Green Iguanas in Costa Rica". My research experience involved tracking several captive-bred green iguanas using radiotelemetry in the Costa Rican rain forest to insure their survival and health after a two-month period. Their health and survival was compared to local wild counterparts. Iguanas in my study showed positive responses to release despite being raised in pens for two years. I enjoyed my experience in Costa Rica because it allowed me to gain valuable information about green iguana behavior in the wild and allowed me to contribute in a small way toward their conservation.