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Terrence Forrester, MSSW
, 1979, Univ of Louisville
MSW, 12/1979, Univ of Louisville
  While in graduate school, I focused on clinical practice with an emphasis on family treatment.  Further, I completed an independent research project on the impact of the coal industry on families.  My field placement involved working for a juvenile justice system which I subsequently utilized in my thesis which focused on the applied use of psychodynamic theory in understanding juvenile delinquency.
BA, 6/1994, Univ of Cincinnati Main Campus
With Honors
  As a psychology undergaduate major, I had two primary areas of theoretical interest.  These included studying the psychodynamic work of Sigmund Freud and the behavioralist work of both B.F. Skinner and Ivan Pavlov.  Further, my undergraduate program had a strong focus in research.  Consequently, I conducted two research studies.  The first study involved understanding the impact of food deprivation and behavior in rats.  The second study dealth with interviewing preschool children to determine patterns of prejudice and age of onset.