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Faculty Directory
Antonio Valenzuela, DPT, EdD
Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy
School of Allied Health Professions
BA, 3/1982, Loma Linda University
  Spanish-Teacher Prep
BA, 6/1982, La Sierra University
  Spanish/ESL Teaching
MA, 6/1986, Loma Linda University
  Sec Tchg/ Spanish
MED, 6/1986, La Sierra University
EDS, 6/1987, La Sierra University
EDS, 6/1987, Loma Linda University
  Curriculum & Instruction
EDD, 4/1990, La Sierra University
EDD, 6/1990, Loma Linda University
  Curriculum & Instruction
AS, 11/1998, Loma Linda University
  Physical Therapy
MS, 6/2007, Loma Linda University
  Masters Of Physical Therapy
MPT, 12/2007, Loma Linda University
  Physical Therapy
DPT, 6/2008, Loma Linda University
  Doctorate in Physical Therapy