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Bertha Escobar-Poni, MD
Professor, Pathology and Human Anatomy
School of Medicine
Member, Anatomy, SM, Faculty of Graduate Studies
Non-LLU Teaching Activities 
Instructional Prep of New Material
4/2010 Memorial Service to Honor our Donors serving this year as Teachers in our Gross Anatomy Lab.
6/2009 - 6/2010 4th Biennial Anatomy Workshop / LLU Department of Anesthesiology/ facilitator. 6/6/2010  Time: 9AM - 4PM In preparation of the anesthesiology board
5/2009 February – May 2009, Developed a Team Based Learning Syllabi template to be use with any course that implements TBL within their course.  Team Based Learning /Active Learning Committee
8/2008 Developed a syllabus for peer-teaching that includes:
  1. Organizing the freshman medical class & biomedi students in dissecting teams per donor/caver-teacher table, and coordinating a complementary activity for the teams not in dissecting duties. Some acitivites include video of the current and for the upcoming dissection.
  2. Scheduling rotating assignments.
  3. Elaborating a formative evaluation system if immediate feedback to close the loop of the peer-teaching process. One evaluation is on the peer presentation/presenter and the other evaluation is withint he members of the dissecting table.  These evalutations are completed in CourseEval on the respective scheduled dates.
8/1999 Introduced the “Clinical Anatomical” Chart for each donor/cadaver, ready to teach, on a dissecting table, in the anatomy lab. This practice exposes the student to three ways of looking at the donor: as an individual who had a lived and dreamed like us, an individual who became ill, and an individual who decided to trust his/her body to an unknown student. “An ultimate gift” – expecting nothing personal in response.   Student learn that they owe forever for what he/she was, for what she/he did, and for the lifetime gift to their future in the medical profession
Administrative Teaching Roles
8/2008 Activities that foster/promote/oversees/evaluate behaviors of professionalism.  Oversee the peer teaching and peer evalutations