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Hildemar Dos Santos, MD, DrPH
Assistant Professor, School of Public Health
School of Public Health
Non-LLU Teaching Activities 
Lectures, Courses and Seminars (non-LLU)
11/2014 Guayaquil, Ecuador - Seminar on the Prevention of Metabolic Syndrome
for Health Professionals November 2014
Language: Spanish
10/2012 Cancer Prevention Seminar at the South Caribbean Adventist Conference, Barbados, October 2013.

Loma Linda Spanish Church - How to develop a church based health program. April 02, 2011


Filming with Hope Channel - China Health Program - participated in the exercise program and in the substance abuse prevention program.

1/2009 Cancer Prevention Seminar for Church Leaders in Orlando Florida for the North American Division Health Summit, 2009
1/2009 Childhood Obesity Program for professionals at the Universidad Adventista del Chile
Language: Spanish
10/2008 Cancer Prevention Seminar in Spanish for church leaders - Riverside and San Bernardino counties
Administrative Teaching Roles
11/2014 Seminar on Lifestyle-related disease prevention for health care professionals in Guayaquil, Ecuador
6/2014 Internship supervisor at Drayson Center Preventive Care Clinic
Train, supervise and monitor students who work/volunteer at the clinic.

Project Change – New York – Flatbush Seventh-day Adventist Church - Health assessments and supervision of students during a health fair at the. April 13, 2014.

4/2012 - 4/2015 Supervise two assistants - interns at the Drayson Center Preventive Care Clinic
Interns are paid by the SPH to students with Federal Working Study status