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Nelia Wurangian-Caan, MLS
Associate Professor, University Libraries
Non-LLU Teaching Activities 
Lectures, Courses and Seminars (non-LLU)
3/2005 "Informed nursing practice : how to integrate information in nursing practice." Nursing CE for nurses in SRRSH. HangZhou, China. (1 lecture, 2 hours)
Administrative Teaching Roles
6/2010 - 8/2010 Supplied full-text links to citations on course list on Blackboard for NRSG 575: Strategies for theory development
6/2010 - 7/2013

Research consultation (2010-2013) Hold Library clinic every Tues. & Wed (11am--1:00pm)

9/2009 - 12/2009 Worked with faculty in providing access to required textbooks for NRSG 408 Nursing Care of the Adult and Aging Family, II.
7/2005 Library assistance and research consultation for nursing faculty and students
6/1992 - 9/2000 Webpage update & maintenance: Library instruction & resources for nurses
7/1985 Collection development and maintenance of the Del Webb nursing collection, ongoing.