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Philip Gold, MD
Vice Chair, Medicine
School of Medicine
Professor, Medicine
School of Medicine
Non-LLU Teaching Activities 
Lectures, Courses and Seminars (non-LLU)
1/2015 "What Doctors Feel and Why It's Important", presented at California Thoracic Society Carmel Conference, Western Respiratory Club, January 31, 2015, Carmel, CA
3/2013 "Interstitial Lung Disease". Winter/Spring Lecture Series to Respiratory Care Students, Crafton Hills College.  March 7, 2013, Crafton Hills College, Yucaipa, CA
8/2011 "Beyond the OR: Implications of Intubation on Post-Operative Patient Outcome."  Presented at the Arizona Society of Respiratory Care Meeting, Prescott, AZ.
2/2011 "William Carlos Williams: The Poet and Physician. Presented at The American College of Physicians Southern California Region II Adventures in the Hx of Medicine 2011
10/2010 "An Unknown Case with Elements of Mystery, Music & History". Presented at the ACP Southern California Region II Annual Scientific Meeting, October 9, 2010, Dana Point, CA
10/2010 "Fostering Excellence in the ACP". Presented at the ACP Southern California Region II Annual Scientific Meeting, October 9, 2010, Dana Point, CA
10/2010 "Beyond the OR: Implications of Intubation on Patient Outcomes". Presented at the 3rd Annual Respiratory Care Conference, Escondido, CA on October 15, 2010.
10/2009 "What''s New in Asthma/COPD". Presented at ACP 2009 Southern California Region II Scientific Meeting and Practicum, Dana Point, CA
10/2009 "Spirometry ". Presented at ACP and SGIM Annual Southern California Scientific Meeting, Indian Wells, CA
7/2009 "Preventing Microaspiration and Ventilator Assisted Pneumonia".  Presented to physicians, Los Angeles, CA
6/2009 "Airway Management and the Reduction of Ventilator Assisted Pneumonia". Presented to physicians, Isabella''s Restaurante, Redlands, CA
6/2009 "Ventilator Assisted Pneumonia Prevention". Presented to physicians, Irvine, CA
3/2009 "The Specialty of Pulmonary Medicine: From Its Origins to the Present". Presented at the American College of Physicians History of Medicine, Laguna Hils, CA
12/2008 "The 2007 Gold Guidelines". Presented at the AARC 2008 International Respiratory Congress in Anaheim, CA
Administrative Teaching Roles
12/2014 "Diagnosis and Management of Asthma', presented at JF Kennedy Memorial Hospital, Indio, CA on December 10, 2014
4/2008 - 4/2011 "Interstitial Lung Disease", presented to Crafton Hills College Respiratory Care Students, Jerry L. Pettis VAH