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Sean Lee, DDS
Professor, Restorative Dentistry
School of Dentistry
Member, Research, SD, Faculty of Graduate Studies
Non-LLU Teaching Activities 
Administrative Teaching Roles
3/2012 - 2/2012 Given continuing education course atat 52nd LLU Alumni Scientific Convention on “Causes of Bad breath and New Developments on Breath Research”
10/2011 - 4/2012 mentor for dental student research on Correlation test of vitapan classical shade guide and 3D master bleached  shade guide
9/2011 - 4/2012 mentor for dental hygine class research on "The effects of in-office whitening treatment on oral health care".
7/2011 - 9/2012 Research Mentoring for foreign visiting scholar
4/2011 - 9/2012 mentor for graduate student''s thesis on "Effect of resin infiltration and casein phosphopeptide amorphous calcium phosphate on the color masking of white spot lesions"
3/2011 Mentor for graduated student thesis: Color Stability of Enamel Treated with Resin Infilteration
2/2011 Mentor for graduate student thesis: Effect of resin infiltration and casein phosphopeptide amorphous calcium phosphate on the color masking of white spot lesions
2/2011 Given continuing education course at 51st LLU Alumni Scientific Convention. The lecture was on" Tooth whitening overview:clinical and research perspectives"
9/2010 - 3/2011 Mentor for dental student research:The Effect of Arginine Prophy Paste on Tooth Sensitivity Following Tooth Whitening.Won 3rd place from Clinical Category.
9/2010 - 6/2011 Mentor for graduate student research and  thesis: Effect of Erosion on Microleakage and Penetration Ability of Filled and Unfilled Fissure Sealants
9/2010 - 3/2011 Mentor for graduate student research: Internal Bleaching of Anterior Teeth treated with Mineral Trioxide Aggregate
6/2010 - 9/2010 Teaching tooth morphology for predental students
9/2009 - 2/2010  Effectiveness of Dentist Dispensed Tooth Whitening Material at Different Reservoir Thickness
7/2009 - 2/2010 Side Effects, Glossiness Change of Enamel, of Dentist Dispensed Tooth Whitening Material at Different PH
11/2008 - 2/2009  Reproducibility of Tongue Coating Examination in vivo among Six Different Zones.
10/2007 - 3/2008 Mentor. Fluoride and ACP: Comparing theirEffects on the Surface Characteristics of                      human Enamel. 
10/2007 - 5/2008 Mentor. Reproducibility of Tongue Coating Examination in vivo among Six Different Zones
1/2007 - 5/2007 Mentor. Examine the efficacy of the Zoom2 advanced power bleaching light in Split arch study
1/2006 - 5/2006 Mentor. The influence of mouth rinses on bonding agents
1/2006 - 5/2006 Mentor. Evaluation of an in vitro model for measuring tooth bleaching efficacy
1/2006 - 5/2006 Mentor. A survey of social behavior related to bad breath
1/2005 - 4/2005 Mentor. Tongue Coating and Halitosis.
1/2005 - 5/2005 Mentor. In Vitro Model for Measuring Tooth Bleaching Efficacy
1/2005 - 5/2005 Mentor. Survey; Have You Ever Told Someone He/She Has Bad Breath? If No, What is the Reason
1/2004 - 5/2004 Shade Selection Using X-rite and Layman Compare to Dental Professional
1/2004 - 5/2004 The Factors that Influence People to Bleach Their Teeth
1/2004 - 6/2004 Mentor. Effect of L, a and b Value Deviation if Measured 2mm Away from the Center of the Tooth
1/2004 - 6/2004 Mentor. The Effect of Horizontal and Vertical Angulations on Colorimeter Measurements
1/2004 - 6/2004 Mentor. Comparison of Tooth Whitening Effectiveness Using Soft Mouth Guard Designed Different Way
1/2004 - 6/2004 Mentor. To Determine the Effectiveness of Oral-B Brush-Up® vs. the Leading Chewing Gum on Halitosis
7/2003 Visiting Scholar Training 2003-present
6/2003 Laboratory Volunteer/Pre-dental Student Training 2003 - Present
1/2003 - 5/2003 mentor.Clinical Evaluation of VSC(Volatile Sulfur Compound
1/2003 - 6/2003 Cost Effectiveness of LED vs. Halogen Curing Lights
1/2003 - 6/2003 Comparison of Color Measurements Using a Colorimeter With and Without a Custom Alignment Jig
1/2003 - 6/2003 Amount of VSC Differences  between Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian
1/2003 - 6/2003 Mentor. Colorimeter, Color Space and Description
1/2003 - 6/2003 Mentor. In-Office and Home Bleaching