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Craig Zuppan, MD
Head, Pathology and Human Anatomy, Pathology Division
School of Medicine
Professor, Pathology and Human Anatomy
School of Medicine
Other LLU Classes Outside Of Schedule 
2/2010 - 3/2012 Lecture series on Pathology of Bone Tumors, for Pathology residents
5/2009 Orthopedics Grand Rounds "Selected Pediatric Musculoskeletal tumors"
11/2008 - Present

How to better utilize PowerPoint for clinical and teaching presentations

Initially a 3-part lecture series, it is presented to Residents and staff in various forms on a periodic basis

11/2008 Pathology Grand Rounds, "Pathologic Examination of the Placenta"
9/2008 - Present

Electron Microscopy for Pathology residents

A biannual short course in Electron Microscopy for Pathology residents

7/2004 - Present

Congenital Heart Disease

Annual 1 hour lecture to Sophomore medical students on the pathology of congenital heart disease

7/2004 - Present

Cytogenetics Course

3 lectures (hours) and 1 lab on cytogenetics, for students in the School of Cytotechnology (Allied Health)--Annual course

7/2004 - Present

Developmental, Genetic and Metabolic Disorders

Lecture series for Freshman medical students on the pathology of developmental, genetic and metabolic diseases

7/2004 - Present

Pathology of Bone Tumors

Biannual course for pathology residents

7/2004 - Present

Pathology of Glomerular disease

Annual lectures to Medical Students

7/2004 - Present

Special techniques: Electron microscopy and Immunohistochemistry (School of Cytology)

Annual course on special techniques, for students in the School of Cytotechnology (Allied Health)

7/2004 - Present Non-glomerular renal disease lectures
3 lectures (hours) to Sophomore medical students on the pathology of non-glomerular renal disease given annually
Interactive Teaching
7/2010 - Present Monthly renal pathology teaching conference, for nephrology fellows and pathology residents
1/2009 - Present Laboratory interactive teaching of glomerular and nonglomerular renal pathology (for Medical Students)
Laboratory interactive sesions, utilizing cases studies and quiz questions
10/2008 - 11/2008 Prepare and teach new interactive session on "How to look at a renal biopsy" (for Nephrology section)
7/2004 - Present Mentoring and interactive teaching of Pathology Residents and PS fellows
Daily interactions with post-sophomore fellows in pathology and pathology residents, as well as at Tumor Boards. (Approximately 4 hours/week)
Administrative Teaching Roles
7/2006 - Present Course coordinator, Pathology resident rotations in Electron microscopy and Renal Pathology.
7/2004 - Present Course Coordinator: Genetics
Coordinate Short course on Genetics for students in the School of Cytotechnology
7/2004 - Present Course Coordinator: Pathology special techniques
Coordinate one quarter course on Electron Microscopy, Immunohistochemistry and Molecular Genetics for students in School of Cytotechnology
7/2004 - Present Curator: Pathology Library
Curator of Surgical Pathology Teaching and Working Library
Instructional Prep of New Material
4/2007 - 5/2007 Revise lectures on Metabolic and Perinatal disease
2/2007 - 5/2007 Pediatric Bone Tumors
Prepared new lecture on pediatric bone tumors, concentrating on bone-producing lesions.
7/2004 - 6/2006 Bone Tumors--1,2,3
Revised 3 lectures for Pathology residents on Pathology of Bone Tumors, with digital presentation and extensive handouts.