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Dalton Baldwin, MD
Professor, Urology
School of Medicine
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Interactive Teaching
6/2006 Ask Your Doctor guest
Ask Your Doctor, LLUMC Marketing Dept. pre-recorded show, sharing about "Urinary Stone Disease and Minimally Invasive Procedures". Also providing 10 questions on the topic for the host doctor to review. Three 5 minute segments.
5/2006 Pathway Sheaths
Lecture at the Boston Scientific Fall Training Meeting, Mystic, Connecticut
5/2006 Pathway Technologies
Speaker at the Boston Scientific booth at the American Urological Association, Atlanta, Georgia
7/2005 - Present Small group teaching, operating rooms, ambulatory clinics-daily, 3-4 students/week, 8 hours/week
7/2005 Urologic Calculi & Urologic Emergencies
Lecture to Physicians Assistants Class, LLU, Loma Linda. 2 lectures/2 hours
6/2005 Director
Hand Assist Laparoscopic Nephrectomy Workshop 4-6 work stations, 12-15 people, 9 hours Surgical Simulation, Bloomington, CA D. Duane Baldwin, MD
11/2004 Faculty, Dr. D. Duane Baldwin
AUA Advanced Laparoscopy Course UCI Medical Center, Orange, CA Title of Course "All Lab, No Blab" number of participants not known
Administrative Teaching Roles
7/2007 - 8/2007 Summer research coordinator for medical students
7/2007 - Present Medical Student Summer Research Coordinator