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Frank Sheridan, MBBCh
Asst Clin Prof, Pathology and Human Anatomy
School of Medicine
Other LLU Classes Outside Of Schedule 
4/2009 Lecture to LLUMC pediatric residents (April 2009) on sudden death in childhood
8/2008 Lecture (Grand rounds): History of Forensic Medicine, at LLUMC
8/2004 - 10/2010 Lectures to pathology residents at LLUMC (1 hour each), every other month.
5/2004 - 5/2010 Annual lecture on sudden death in infancy and early childhood to students at LLU School of Public Health. Lecture is 3 hours long.
Interactive Teaching
7/2004 - 10/2010 Clerkship co-ordinator
Co-ordination of coroner''''''''s office rotation for pathology residents.
7/2004 - 10/2010 Interactive teaching
Teaching LLUMC medical students and pathology residents at coroner''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s office during performsnce of forensic autopsies. Number of learners variable - up to 8/month until recently. Approximate number of hours per year: 100
Instructional Prep of New Material
7/2006 - 7/2007 Preparation of syllabus
Review of syllabus for didactic lectures given to pathology residents. Syllabus spans a 2-year period and covers all the main topics of forensic pathology including toxicology and expert testimony in court.
7/2004 - 6/2005 Updated all lectures to Power Point versions
Updated lectures to power point for pathology residents.