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Gordon Peterson, MD
Professor, Neurology
School of Medicine
Professor, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitaton
School of Medicine
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Interactive Teaching
2/2004 - Present Clinical Neurophysiology Conference
Small Group Teaching: Weekly discussion conference (about 1 to 1.5 hours per week) with the Clinical Neurophysiology Resident (and any other interested residents and faculty - usually total of 3) on Clinical Neurophysiology topics based on chapters in the book, "Comprehensive Clinical Neurophysiology" by Levin and Luders (or other sources in some instances) and also relevant "classic" articles from the medical literature.
7/2000 - Present Clinical Electromyography Conference
Small Group Teaching: Weekly one hour discussion conference with residents in clinical neurophysiology, neurology, as well as physiatry (PM&R) (total of 2 to 10 physicians). This conference is an interactive session on clinical neurophysiology topics, usually case-based on interesting EMG/NCS studies with discussion and critique of the methods and interpretations of the study as well as the significance including extrapolation to other similar situations.
7/1990 - Present Clinical Neurophysiology - EMG/NCS
Small group teaching. About 20 hours per week (reduced July 2006 to about 2 hours per week). Performing neurophysiologic testing (EMG/NCS) on patients with the clinical neurophysiology resident ("fellow"), physiatry (PM&R) residents and/or neurology residents in attendance. Teaching and discussing each case with the residents as it is in progress. Directing/Supervising residents in the performance and reporting of EMG/NCS.
* Electromyography Teaching
A large portion of time is spent performing, supervising and interpreting studies performed in the Electromyography Laboratory at Loma Linda University Medical Center. Background: Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation residents rotate through the electromyography laboratory, each for a six month block. Two or three PM&R residents are on the EMG rotation at all times. Neurology residents also rotate through the laboratory for one to four months. The Clinical Neurophysiology Resident (Fellow) spends much of his/her time in the EMG Lab. The vast majority of time is spent with residents in the EMG Laboratory or with Intraoperative Spinal Cord Monitoring and/or Nerve Root Monitoring during reconstructive spinal surgery.
Administrative Teaching Roles
5/2001 - 9/2005 Program Director, Neurology Residency
8/1999 - Present Program Director, Clinical Neurophysiology Residency
Instructional Prep of New Material
5/2007 - Present Clinical Neurophysiology
Revision of the course material for Clinical Neurophysiology