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Gerald Schultz, MD
Assoc Clin Prof, Ophthalmology
School of Medicine
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5/2007 - Present Lecture - Medical Genetics
Review of basic medical genetics, including current in vitro and childhood testing for genetic defects. Delivered as a CME lecture at JFK Memorial Hospital, Indio, CA
2/2007 - Present Course -Genetics in Ophthalmology
Genetic basis of ophthalmic diseases - corneal, glaucoma, retinal, socio-economic effect on family. Given at the All India Ophthalmologic Society Meeting Hyderabad, India
12/2006 - Present The Aravind Eye Care System
Description of the efficient, high volume clinical & surgical eye care facilities centered in Madurai, India, based upon a personal visit in October, 2006.
10/2006 - Present Cornea plana autosomal dominant
Heriditary pattern of a family with varying manifestations of autosomal dominant cornea plana (CNA1), including small corneal diameters, iris/corneal adhesions, high hyperopia, esotropia. Presented at EyeAdvance 2006 in Mumbai, India
* Cornea plana autosomal dominant (CNA1)
Presentation on theheriditary pattern and varying clinical manifestations in a family with CNA1, including small corneal diameters, iris/corneal adhesions, high hyperopia, esotropia
Interactive Teaching
11/2006 - Present Faculty overseeer
Overseeing clinical work of ophthalmology residents at Riverside County Regional Medical Center
Instructional Prep of New Material
2/2007 - Present Practice Management in Ophthalmology
Course included methods of training and performance monitoring of ophthalmic personnel both in the US and India. Also discussed techniques of increasing patient satisfaction.
5/2005 - Present Complex Conjunctival Surgeries Made Easy
ASCRS/ASOA Instruction Course