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John Rambharose, MD
Asst Clin Prof, Medicine
School of Medicine
Other LLU Classes Outside Of Schedule 
2/2007 Rheumatology Biologic Safety Case Studies
Westchester NYC Rheumatology Journal Club Members as well as the Fellows and some faculty of NYU and Cabrini 90 Minutes
10/2006 Psoriasis Anti-TNF Therapy
Lecture to University of Texas Dermatology Residents One Hour
7/2006 Biologic Therapies for Immune Mediated Diseases
LLUMC Rheumatology Immunology Conference
12/2005 Communicating Benefit Risk
Dermatology Grand Rounds
12/2005 New Biologic therapies in the treatment of RA
University of Washington Rheumatology Fellows Dinner
11/2005 Management of RA,AS and PsA
LLUMC Rheumatology Department Lectures to visiting Chinese Rheumatologist
10/2005 Psoriatic Arthritis
LLUMC Dermatology Grand Rounds
9/2005 Rheumatoid Arthritis Management
Westchester County Rheumatology Journal club Westchester New York
8/2005 Anti-TNF Therapy
Lecture to Rees Sharp Stealy rheumatology group
8/2005 Post EULAR meeting update
LLUMC Rheumatology Group Immunology conference
8/2005 Psoratic Arthritis
Rheumatology Grand Rounds Scripps La Jolla
3/2005 Anti - TNF therapy in Rheumatic diseases Lecture
Lecture to visiting rheumatologist and nurses from Hong Kong to LLU. Discussion on the safety on anti-rheumatic therapies and US practice. Also discussion of medical education in Hong Kong. 5 hours
9/2004 The Safety of anti-TNF inhibitors
Presentation to LLU Dermatolog Faculty
8/2004 Review of the ASPIRE and BeSt Trials
LLU Rheumatology Faculty residents and fellows Early Rheumatoid arthritis lecture 1.0 hour
4/2004 Psoriatic Arthritis
Dermatology Grand Rounds To LLU Dermatology Faculty and residents. 1.5 hour lecture
4/2004 Rheumatoid Arthritis
Resident Lecture
Interactive Teaching
11/2005 Post ACR conference data review
LLUMC Rheumatology Immunology conference
7/2005 Rheumatology Case study
Case Study Conference