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Richard Cranston, MS
Assistant Professor, Psychiatry
School of Medicine
Assistant Professor, Pharmacy Practice
School of Pharmacy
Other LLU Classes Outside Of Schedule 
3/2005 - 5/2005 Psychopharmacolgy
PGY I and PGY II lecture series on psychopharmacology-Team Taught with Drs. Foo and Nelson
Interactive Teaching
7/2005 - 6/2006 I work as the clinical pharmacist for Behavioral Medicine's Outpatient Service's Team, Intake Team and Chemical Dependency Program at the VA, as well as consulting to the Intensive Inpatient Unit. I have extensive involvement with the 3rd/4th year residents during their 3- month ambulatory rotations at our clinic. I am available for psychopharmacolgy consultations for any resident while they are at the VA. Also, I helped team-teach the PGY-I Psychopharmacology 20-hr lecture series.
7/2004 - 6/2005 Interactive Teaching
I work as the Clinical Pharmacist Specialist for Behavioral Health at the Jerry L. Pettis VA Medical Center. I have extensive involvement with the 3rd/4th year residents during their 3-month BHOST rotations (ambulatory). Also, I conult with the Intensive Inpatient Unit's residents. (ongoing)
Administrative Teaching Roles
2/2009 DSM-IV course lecture on "Antipsychotic Drug Therapy" in the Schizophrenia section
1/2008 - 4/2008 Moderated /lectured 3 2-hour psychopharmacology sessions for PGY II and PGY III Psychiatry Residents
1/2008 - 3/2008 Psychopharmacology Lecture Course for PGY I Psychiatry Residents
Instructional Prep of New Material
3/2005 - 5/2005 Psychopharmacology
Along with Dr. Foo prepared lecture series on psychopharmacology for PGY I and PGY II residents.