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Beryl Bull, MD, MA
Assistant Professor, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitaton
School of Medicine
Other LLU Classes Outside Of Schedule 
3/2005 Rehab of the Amputee
Course designed to introduce vascular surgery residents to rehabilitation of the amputee and things to consider when deciding if a patient is a prosthetic candidate. (1 hr) approx 15 people attended
1/2005 - 2/2005 FIM Review
This course was designed to prepare nursing and therapy staff to take the mandatory FIM (functional independence measures) test. It consisted of 4 lectures, each repeated 3 times to allow staff on all shifts to attend. Then a review series was done which consisted of a series of two lectures repeated 2x for a total of 8 hrs of lectures. (8 Hrs) Approx 20 people attended
Interactive Teaching
5/2005 OSCE
I was an observer for the OSCE exam that was done at LLUMC May 2 and 4, 2005. This involved observing resident interactions with a standardized patient and providing feedback. (Two 8 hr days) Approx 30 residents participated
8/2004 Personality workshop
I participate as a group facilitator for a personality workshop run for the new entering freshman class to introduce them to the different personality types and how type may affect their learning and test taking in medical school. (1 1/2 hr) 15 students