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Bryan Tsao, MD
Chair, Neurology
School of Medicine
Other LLU Classes Outside Of Schedule 
6/2010 - 6/2015 Medicine Grand Rounds - various lectures
Clinical Supervision
6/2007 - 6/2015 Clinical and electrodiagnostic supervision for clinical neurophysiology fellow
6/2007 - 6/2015 Clinical supervision for neurology residency - outpatient and hospital teaching service
Interactive Teaching
4/2012 - 4/2014

Leadership Lab. Loma Linda University School of Medicine

4/2008 - 7/2015 The Art of Medicine, 2008-
This course was designed to facilitate open discussion and sharing of attending experiences with our residents on various important topics that physicians deal with on a daily basis but don't have time to talk about. Examples of topics include physician career fulfillment, spirituality in the practice of medicine, dealing with difficult patients, neuro-ethical dilemmas, and disclosing medical errors.
Each session provides an open setting (with lunch) and invited faculty from select Schools and backgrounds.
Past facilitators include Tammi Thomas, MD, Carla Gober, PhD, Laura Nist, MD, Gina Mohr, MD, James Pappas, MD, Daniel Giang, MD, and Gerald Winslow, PhD.
4/2007 - 7/2015 Regular didactic lectures for neurology and internal medicine residents and clinical neurophysiology fellow