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Brian Wong, MD
Assistant Professor, Medicine
School of Medicine
Other LLU Classes Outside Of Schedule 
3/2011 Lecture presentation for the Orthopaedic Seminar during the Alumni Post-Graduate Convention for the Loma Linda University School of Medicine entitled, “Chronic Osteomyelitis and Prosthetic Joint Infections.”
2/2011 Lecture presentation for the Family Medicine Residency noon lecture series entitled, “Handy Concepts for the Primary Care Physician.”
5/2010 Grand Rounds Presentation on selected infections of leisure entitled “The Dangers of Summertime Fun” for the Department of Internal Medicine, Loma Linda Medical Center. 
11/2009 Grand Rounds Presentation on Selected Food Borne Pathogens entitled “What’s in Your Food?” for the Department of Internal Medicine, Loma Linda Medical Center.
6/2009 Grand Rounds presentation to the Department of Plastic Surgery entitiled "Methicillin Resistant Staphylocuccus aureus (MRSA) and You."  The lecture focused on the epidemiology, clinical significance, treatment, and newest literature on MRSA infections.
6/2008 Grand Rounds presentation given to the Department of Anaesthesiology entitled "Tuberculosis: Old Disease Still Challenging Us for the Future."  The lecture reviewed the epidemiology, clinical presentations, diagnosis, treatment, and outlook of tuberculosis.
5/2008 Grand Rounds presentation to the Department of Internal Medicine on the topic of "Sexually Transmitted Diseases."  This lecture sought to refresh primary care providers on presentation, diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment of common sexually transmitted illnesses.  It sought to answer common misconceptions and review updated recommendations made by the Centers for Disease Control. 
A Powerpoint presentation with slides and pictures along with hand-outs helped to solidify knowledge retention.
5/2008 - 4/2011 Lecture given to students in the School of Public Health and Epidemiology entitled "Tuberculosis:  Old Disease Still Challenging Us For the Future."  The lecture centered around the history, evolution, epidemiology, and direction of tuberculosis infection.
4/2008 Lecture given to second year medical students entitled "Clinical Correlates: Sexually Transmitted Diseases."  The lecture focused on microbes causing sexually transmitted diseases, clinical presentation, and the basics of treatment.  
Powerpoint pictures and slides aided in the effectiveness of presentation
11/2007 Grand Rounds Presentation on Tuberculosis for the Department of Anesthesia, Loma Linda University Medical Center.
Interactive Teaching
4/2009 Author for Medscape web article entitled “Gonococcal Infections.”
Administrative Teaching Roles
4/2010 - 4/2011 Lecture presentation on HIV epidemiology entitled, “HIV: Today’s Great Challenge,” for the School of Public Health Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases Course, Loma Linda School of Public Health.