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Carlos Casiano, PhD
Professor, Basic Sciences
School of Medicine
Professor, Medicine
School of Medicine
Member, Faculty of Graduate Studies
Other LLU Classes Outside Of Schedule 
5/2008 - 5/2010 MICR 570- Mechanisms of Microbial Pathogenesis (Graduate)
 Graduate lecture on spirochetes, with emphasis on mechanisms of Lyme Disease and Syphilis
7/2007 - 7/2008 D2 General Pathology Course (Dentistry)
Mechanisms of Tolerance and Autoimmunity (2 h)
12/2006 - 12/2010 IBGS 511- Cellular Mechanisms and Integrated Systems I (Graduate)
Lecture on Mechanisms of Translation (2 h)
9/2006 - 9/2010 Med 2011-Sophomore Pathology (Medicine)
Autoimmune Diseases and Mechanisms of Autoimmunity (2 h)
4/2006 - 6/2008 PHSL 504-Physiological Systems (Immunology block for dental students)
Cells and Tissues of the Immune System, 1 lecture/1 hour Antigens and Immunoglobulins, 1 lecture/1 hour Immune Activation, 1 lecture/1 hour
1/2006 - 3/2010 IBGS 512-Cellular Mechanisms and Integrated Systems II (Graduate)
Apoptosis I an II,  2 lectures/2 hours each
1/2006 - 9/2010 MICR 514-Medical Microbiology (Medicine)
Spirochetes 1 (1 h) Spirochetes 2 (1 h)
12/2005 - 12/2010 Freshman Cell Structure and Function (Medicine)
T cell mediated responses: activation, function, and control mechanisms  2 lectures/2 hours 
3/2005 - 6/2005 CMBL 503-The Differentiated Cell (Graduate)
May 5 Apoptosis I (1 h) May 6 Apoptosis II (2 h)
3/2005 - 4/2010 MICR 530-Immunology (graduate)
  20 hours of lectures and literature discussion with students on the following topics:  Cells and Tissues of the Immune System,  Properties of Antigens, Antigen Processing and Presentation, Apoptosis and the Immune System, T Cell Biology,  Effector Mechanisms in the Immune Response, Immune Regulation,  and Autoimmunity
3/2005 - 6/2009 PHSL 555 Biology of Cancer (Graduate)
April 27 Apoptosis in Cancer (1 h) May 9 Prostate Cancer (1 h)
3/2005 - 6/2008 RXPS 620-Microbiology for Pharmacy Students
Overview of Spirochetes (1 h)
1/2005 - 3/2005 CMBL 502- Molecular Biology of Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes (Graduate)
January 12 Ribosome structure and translational control in prokaryotes (2 h)
1/2005 - 3/2008 RXPS 571- Immunology for Pharmacy Students
Biology of the T lymphocyte, 1 lecture/1 hour Activation and function of T cells, 1 lecture/1 hour Tolerance and Autoimmunity, 1 lecture/1 hour Immunomodulation, 1 lecture/1 hour
1/2005 - 3/2005 RXPS 571-Microbiology and Immunology (Pharmacy)
January 20 Biology of T lymphocytes (1 h) January 25 Activation of T cells (1 h) February 1 Autoimmunity (1 h) February 3 Immunomodulation (1 h)
8/2004 Anat 547- Histochemistry (Graduate)
August 26 Apoptosis Detection in Tissue Sections (2 h)
Interactive Teaching
6/2007 MICR 536- Laboratory Methods in Gene Transfer and Gene Expression (graduate)
In Vitro Transcription-Translation Systems (8 h lecture-laboratory)
3/2007 - 7/2009 Dissertation co-Advisor (Eva Sahakian)
9/2005 - 6/2011 Rheumatology Fellows Research Training Advisor 
Train in research and advise a rheumatology fellow during his/her second year in the fellowship program
7/2005 - 8/2010 Workshop and Seminars for Students Participating in Summer Research Programs of the Center for Health Disparities and Molecular Medicine
Coordinated the Apprenticeship Bridge to College Program and Undergraduate Research Training Program. Presented and organized workshops and seminars on Health Disparities, PubMed Medical Literature Search, Scientific Integrity, Effective Power Point Presentations, Scientific Poster Preparation, Career Alternatives in Science and Medicine, and Networking. Approximately 35 participants 20 hours.
3/2005 - 6/2011 Dissertation Advisor (Lai Sum Leoh)
9/2004 - 6/2011 IMSD Fellows Seminar
Meet twice a month with graduate students in the Initiative for Maximizing Student Development Program. Students and faculty mentors present research seminars and discuss current research. Approximately 14 participants 27 hours
9/2003 - 6/2009 Dissertation Advisor (Melanie Mediavilla-Varela)
6/2002 - 12/2004 Dissertation Co-Advisor (Shaun Sheets)
Fabio J. Pacheco PhD Dissertation "Involvement of cathepsins in the cleavage of scleroderma-associated autoantigens during apoptotic and necrotic cell death".
4/2001 - 5/2006 Dissertation Advisor (Terry Brown-Bryan)
4/2000 - 6/2005 Dissertation Advisor (Tracy Daniels)
Terry Brown-Bryan PhD Dissertation: "The Role of the PWWP Domain in LEDGF/p52, a Novel Transcription and Death Protein"
10/1999 - 10/2004 Dissertation Advisor (Xiwei Wu)
Tracy Daniels PhD Dissertation: "Role of LEDGF/p75 in Prostate Cancer".
Administrative Teaching Roles
9/2006 - 12/2008 Course Coordinator, IBGS 607- Integrated Biomedical Graduate Studies Seminar
Coordinator-Weekly Graduate Seminar
1/2006 - 4/2010 Course Coordinator, MICR 530- Immunology (graduate)
Course Coordinator