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Camilla Cobb, MD
Professor, Pathology and Human Anatomy
School of Medicine
Other LLU Classes Outside Of Schedule 

Pathology Grand Rounds "LAST (Lower Anogenital Squamous Terminology) Standardization Project for HPV-Associated Lesions", June 3, 2015

4/2015 - 6/2015 Cytology of Soft Tissue (lectures of pathology resisdnets: totoal of 4 given in April, May and June of 2015)
3/2015 Cytology Review (board preparation lectures for pathology residents; total of 4 lectures in March 2015)
1/2015 Cytology of Ovary and Testes (for pathology residents)
11/2014 Molecular Testing for Lung FNA Samples (for pathology residents)

Pathology Grand Rounds:  “HPV Induced Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma”, April 2, 2014

9/2011 The Bethesda System of Reporting Thyroid FNA Results at Quest Diagnostics in Fallbrook, CA
Clinical Supervision
7/2014 - 7/2015 Microscopic review and reporting of surgical pathology and autopsy cases with Pathology Residents at the double head microscope, LLUMC 
Interactive Teaching
8/2014 - 10/2014 Cytology Unknowns Conference (One-hour interactive teaching sessions for pathology residents), August, September, October of 2014
8/2014 Journal Club (August 2014):  For pathology residents presenting at Journal Club, I assited them in the selection of articles for presentation, assisted them in the preprartion of their presentation and I was in attendance to support them, to answer questions and to elaborate on key topics
Administrative Teaching Roles
7/2014 - 7/2015 Monthly Interesting Cytology Case Presentation by pathology residents rotating on the Cytopathology Service. 

As program director for cytopathology, I assist residents in the selection of cases and the preparation of the case for presentation at this monthly conference.  Conference attendees include pathology residents, cytotechnologists, cytotechnology students and pathology faculty.  During the conference I support the presenting resident as needed, help answer questions and elaborate on key topics.