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Cynthia Tinsley, MD
Assistant Professor, Pediatrics
School of Medicine
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6/2007 - Present Introduction to the PICU
one hour lecture given to new incoming residents on the PICU, basic management and evaluation of PICU patients.
5/2007 - Present Ethic in the PICU
A one hour lecture given to pediatric residents at White Memorial Hospital reviewing the ethics definitions, history of the field, common cases discussion of ethical issues in the PICU setting.
4/2007 - Present Toxicology and ingestions
A one hour lecture given to pediatric residents reviewing the presentation, diagnosis, treatment of common ingestions in the PICU setting.
2/2007 - Present Fluid and electrolyte management in the PICU
One hour lecture given to pediatric residents at White Memorial identifying fluid electrolyte abnormalities and their management in the PICU setting.
1/2007 - Present Coma in Pediatric ICU patients
Slide presentation for society of Critical Care Medicine PICU course on website. Review of the causes, diagnosis and treatment of Coma in Pediatric patients.
11/2006 - Present Coma
One hour lecture for the pediatric residents reviewing the evaluation, etiology, and treatment of coma in patients admitted to the PICU. One hour lecture
9/2006 - Present Case study reviews in critical care9/2006, 9/2015
One and half hour lecture for RN new graduate course. review of critical care cases in shock, arrthymia, review of CPR
7/2006 - Present necrotizing fascitis
one hour lecture with a case review of a patient who presented with necrotizing fascitis following surgery. Review the cause, diagnosis, management and treatment one hour lecture
6/2006 - Present Introduction to the PICU
A one hour lecture given to new incoming residents on the PICU, basic management and evaluation of PICU patients.
3/2006 - Present rapid response team
stablization of the pediatric patient for transport and the new rapid response team . Two hour lecture for inhouse transport nurses
3/2006 - Present Vasoactive and emergency drugs
a review of pediatric residents on the pharmacology, use, side effects of vasoactive and emergency drugs used in the PICU-one hour lecture
10/2005 - Present Laboratory interpretation
A 1.5 hour lecture on common laboratory results used in the PICU for management and diagnosis of common pediatric critical care problems. The interpretation of these results in critical illness will be reviewed. given on 3/21/05 and 10//05 and 10/10/06,4/15/2015,9/30/2014
10/2005 - Present Pediatric Shock
1.5 hour lecture to Nurse intership program on the diagnosis, causes, assessement and treatment of shock in pediatric patients. Given on 3/21/05 and 10/4/05 and 10/10/2006,9/30/2014
5/2005 - Present Near Drowning
Near drowning 2 hour lecture given twice a day to Onartio fire department. The assessment, management and stablization of near drowning patients. Given on 5/9, 5/12, 5/31/05
2/2005 - Present Status Asthmaticus
One hour lecture to pediatric residents reveiew the diagnosis and care of patient admitted to the PICU with diagnosis of status asthmaticus
9/2004 - Present Pediatric Case Reviews
Pediatric Critical Care Symposium-Case Reviews 2 hour lecture of cases reviewed assessment and management.
9/2004 - Present Pediatric Transport Head Trauma
One Hour lecture reviewing the stabilization and transport of pediatric patients with head trauma
8/2004 - Present Pediatric Transports patient in shock
One hour lecture with pediatric residents reviewing stablization and transport of patients in shock.
8/2004 - Present Toxicology
Pediatric Grand Rounds- Toxicology review of lethal ingestions in small doses.
* ethics, enod of life care, brain death
Part I and II lecture (3 Hours) given to pediatric residents,PICU nurses, RT's reviewing history of ethical issues, definitions, case studies of ethical cases in the PICU setting.
Interactive Teaching

Pediatric Fundamentals of Critical Care (PFCCS Course) -

A 2 day -16 hour couse taught in the simulation center with lectures and skill stations.
9/2005 - Present White Memorial
PICU clinical service and supervision of resident at White Memorial Hospital. 24 hour coverage 2 days per month. 48 hours per month
3/2005 - Present Mock codes
Mock Code blue for one hour are given to the the nurses or residents. A case scenario is presented to the staff and they then must proceed to hands on care for stablization and treatment. A summary of the the case and key teaching points are then given. presented. The mock codes are done in simulation center in Risley Hall. I develop all the mock code scenarios and coordinate with the simulation staff the cases.
7/2004 - Present Pediatric Home Ventilator Clinic
Patients assigned to the pediatric home ventilatory program are followed regularly in the home vent. clinical that requires about 4 hours per clinic. 3/18/05, 1/28/05 and 10/21/05= 4X3= 12 hours
7/2004 - Present PICU and CCU rounds
Clinical duties include daily rounds with pediatric residents, medical students, and nursing. Reveiw patient assessment, diagnosis, and management of patients admitted to the pediatric medical and cardiac ICU. rounds takes on an average 3 hours X 18 weeks =55 hours of rounds. Clinical hours of supervision. Includes 24 hours in house night call and day time supervision. PICU = 9 weeks X 84 hours a week = 756 hours per year CCU 9 X 100 hours =900 hours per year TOTAL ICU clinical hours= 1656 hours per year/48 weeks= 35 hours per week
7/2004 - Present Sedation clinical Service
Clinical service with resident teaching and supervision for pediatric patients undergoing sedation for procedures. Clinical hours include 24 hour on call coverage of the PICU and Pediatric CCU 8 weeks X 80 hours per week =640 hours per year/48 wks=13 hours per week .
7/2004 - Present total clinical hours for 2005
PICU, Pediatric ICU, Home Vent Clinic, White Memorial and sedation service= 2308 per year/48 weeks=48hours per week.
Administrative Teaching Roles
8/2005 - Present Associate Director of Pediatric Residency Program
Promoted to one of three associate directors of the Pediatric Residency Program. Assisted in development of mentoring program, intervention for resident improve, evaluation of resident, feed back from residents.