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Debra Hamada, MAM
Chair, Health Informatics and Information Management
School of Allied Health Professions
Assistant Professor, Health Informatics and Information Management
School of Allied Health Professions
Other LLU Classes Outside Of Schedule 
1/2015 - Present HLIF 540:  Leadership Prespectives and Practice   -- Co-teach

Examines organizational culture in today's health care organizations; and the various structures, designs, and models--as well as the role of ethical and values-based leadership. Specific topics include change management, human factor in health informatics, personnel management, governance, ethics, group dynamics, and productivity management.

9/2013 - Present HLIF 510:  Health-Care Information Systems 
Development and diffusion of current and futuristic information systems in health-care organizations. Explores an array of systems, from modular applications to enterprise-wide systems. Encompasses the concepts of EHR, PHR, HIE, regulatory movements, system architecture, system theory, and strategic planning for information systems.
3/2006 - 6/2006 AHCJ 408: Health Care Management
This course introduces basic management functions, philosophies and tools of health care management. Emphasis will be on management theory, management tools and application. Specific topics covered include; planning, organizing, controlling, management by objective, problem solving and decision making, productivity management and group dynamics. In addition, interviewing tools/techniques and resume preparation is offered in an optional lab module. 4 units.
3/2006 - Present HLIN 407:  Financial Management of Health Information
1/2006 - 2/2009 AHCJ 325:  U.S. Health Care Delivery System
9/1994 - Present HLIN 494:  Health Information Management II
3/1993 - 6/2006 AHCJ 407: Financial Management
This course will focus on the financial mechanisms in health care that impact the practice of the health information management profession. Specific topics covered include budget preparation, hospital payment regulations, prospective payment system development, non-hospital payment regulations, the financial impact of utilization management and quality improvement, integration of financial and clinical information, billing audits and managing accounts receivable. 2 units.
3/1993 - Present HLIN 493:  Principle of Management/Health Information Management I
1/1993 - 9/2012 HLIN 421: Survey of Health Systems Management - Applied
Application of information systems theory directly to the process of moving a health care facility to implementation of effective facility systems with a focus on transitioning to a paper-less patient record. Data management strategies, including data integrity, quality, and standardization will be covered. System security, in all environments, will be presented. Standards and accreditation movements effecting the implementation of healthcare standards will be analyzed. Evaluation of existing vendor software, hardware and services will assist in student advancement. Major term project includes research, analysis and presentation of a contemporary issue in information systems that impact the practice of information management in healthcare. 4 units.
9/1992 - 9/2012 HLIN 401:  Survey of Health Systems
Administrative Teaching Roles
5/2014 - Present Chair, Health Informatics and Information Management Department
6/2013 - Present Program Director, Masters of Science Degree in Health Informatics
7/2006 - 6/2013 Program Coordinator
Coding Specialist Program