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Dora Barilla, DrPH
Asst Clin Prof, School of Public Health
School of Public Health
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6/2006 - 8/2006 Principles of Administration in Public Health
This course will introduce students to the concepts of the health policy process. Students will be familiarized with the current health delivery system with a focus on budgeting, quality outcomes, strategic planning and marketing. Emphasis will be placed upon leadership and management skills necessary to navigate the necessary changes in the current health system.
Instructional Prep of New Material
3/2007 - 6/2007 HADM 510: Health Policy Analysis and Synthesis
This course will help students critically think through proposed health policy. Students will analyze policies with a systems perspective to anticipate how proposed changes affect the health system as a whole. Topics will include the course will draw upon the experiences of other industrialized democracies in its consideration of viable public health policies that have worked elsewhere and may work here in the United States? public health infrastructure.
1/2007 - 3/2007 HADM 536 Health Policy Communications
This course will help students communicate effectively with the mass media and current stakeholders in the current health system. Students will explore aspects of effective listening, response strategies, conflict management, negotiations, leadership styles, interpersonal agendas and group dynamics. The course will focus on oral and written communication as well as critical thinking in framing messages.