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D. Darlene Cheek, MPH, RDH
Associate Professor, Dental Hygiene
School of Dentistry
Other LLU Classes Outside Of Schedule 
11/2006 Tobacco Cessation Protocol for the Private Practice
DNHY 451 Clinical Seminar and Topics. (2 hour lecture with power point presentation)
Clinical Supervision
9/2009 - 9/2011 Careers In Dentistry, Presentations on Careers in Public Health Dentistry, and Best Methods of Brushing and Flossing.
Interactive Teaching
12/2010 - 12/2011 Tobacco Cessation Introduction (Pre-Clinical Class DNHY 323)
DNHY 416 Dental Health Education I -2hours lecture with power point.
7/2005 - 12/2006 Interactive Teaching
Including role modeling, mentoring, and clinicical Supervision, small group teaching (6-10) for 200 hours+, OSCE for 12 hours
7/2004 - 6/2005 Dental Hygiene Clinical Faculty, Assistant Professor (part time-full time)
Clinical supervision, role modeling, mentoring, small group teaching. 6-8 students. 30 hours
Administrative Teaching Roles
7/2007 - 9/2014 DNHY 416 Dental Health Education I:
This course is designed to increase the student’s effectiveness in teaching and motivating dental health behavior change in one-on-one and group settings. Emphasis is on prevention of dental diseases by integrating learning theories/concepts/ techniques to promote individualized patient care. Current preventive dental products will be reviewed and analyzed to promote evidence based decision making process.
9/2006 - 12/2014 DNHY 417 Dental Health Education II: This course will provide opportunities to develop and apply the fundamental concepts of positive health behavior change in and preventive dentistry in group educational settings utilizing the process of needs assessments, planning, implementation and evaluation of community groups to gain experience in the field of dental public health education. Emphasis is on prevention of dental diseases through effective community group education.
1/2006 - 6/2006 Course Director: DNHY 452 Clinical Seminar II (one unit)
4/2005 - 6/2005 Assistant Course Coordinator
Assisted Course Director.Worked on student assignments and projects 42 students. Senior Clinic Seminar DNHY453 40 hours
Instructional Prep of New Material
10/2005 - 6/2006 Senior Clinic Director DNHY 475, 476, 477
Preparation of new course syllabus, contacting, interacting, problem solving with co-ordinators, PAF''s (principal attending dental faculty, dental hygiene faculty, working on schedules for Block Rotations and off campus clinical activities. 40 hours
9/2005 - 6/2006 Sr. Clinic Seminar DNHY 451, 452, 453
Preparation of syllabus, course schedule, and course materials for projects and presentations. 25hours