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Daniel Giang, MD
Associate Dean, Graduate Medical Education, School of Medicine
School of Medicine
Professor, Neurology
School of Medicine
Professor, Medical Education
School of Medicine
Other LLU Classes Outside Of Schedule 
4/2007 - 12/2011

Intro to MS

Resident Lecture

10/2006 Ethics for Pharmacy
Lecture on physician interactions with pharmaceutical companies and their ethical boundaries.
8/2005 - 9/2005 Orientation to Religion and Medicine
Small Group Leader 12 hours
7/2005 - 6/2006 Neurology Clerkship
Multiple Sclerosis 10 lectures
8/1996 - 5/2013

Multiple Sclerosis

Lecture to clinical rotation students each month on MS and ethics.
Interactive Teaching
4/2007 Neurology Ward Rotation
10/2006 - 11/2011

Neurology Ward Service

8/2006 - 9/2006 Orientation to Religeon and Medicine
Lead discussion group for 6 sessions
7/2005 - 6/2006 Neurology Clerkship
Neurology Clinic 300 hours Inpatient Units 300 hours
Administrative Teaching Roles
9/2008 Residency Program Directors Retreat on Expertise and Remediation
9/2007 Residency Program Directors Retreat
Graduate Medical Education purposes, goals, objectives and research.
4/2007 Leadership Development for Chairs
Developed two-day seminar to introduce new and future chairs to medical staff responsibilities.
9/2006 Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital
Preparation for JCI survey
1/1996 - 6/2012

Associate Dean for GME

Educational administrator for 47 graduate medical education programs with 675 residents

1/1996 - 12/2011

Associate Dean Graduate Medical Education

Educational Administrator for 570 housestaff