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Esther Huecker, PhD
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11/2006 - Present OCTH 541 Current Trends in Occupational Therapy Practice Guest lecture and discussion on Federal and State Regulations related to pediatric practice
7/2006 - 9/2010 OCTH 472 Statistics and Research for the Health Prof II Focus on evidence based practice
Team Teacher. Lectures on Evidence Based Practice (6 hrs); Reliabiltiy & Validity (1hr); Qualitative Research analysis (2 hrs.); Qualitative Data Analysis (1 hr)
6/2006 - Present OCTH 542 Current Trends in Occupational Therapy Practice II Guest lecture and discussion on current issues in Sensory Integration
3/2006 - 10/2011 OCTH 471 Statistics and Research for the Health Prof I  Lectures on Qualitative Research methods, Ethics, Qualitative Analysis
3/2006 - 6/2010 Statistics and Research for Health Prof. I
Teaching Team, 3 Lectures: Qualitative Research (1.5 hrs); Scholarly Research Strategies (1.5 hrs.); Ethical Research (1.5 hrs.)
7/2003 - 9/2008 Disorders of Human Performance III
Lecture on Neural Tube Disorders (3 hrs); Seizure Disorders (1 hr)
3/2003 - 6/2006 Disorders of Human Performance II
Lectures on Pervasive Developmental Disorders (3 hrs); Coping Frame of Reference ( 1 hr).
1/0000 - Present Disorders of Human Occupational Performance I Lectures on developmental disabilities, assessment, theories
Coordinator of teaching team, 5 Units, 5 lectures: Cerebral Palsy (5 hrs); Mental Retardation (5 hrs); Substance Abuse in Infants (2 hrs); World Health Organization (1 hr); Neurodevelopmental Treatment (2 hrs)
Interactive Teaching
7/2009 - 9/2010 OCTH 627 Professional Publication & Dissemination, 5 units Co-taught culmination course in which students reflect on their rotation experiences and finalize their program development.  Students complete data analysis and prepare and complete their manuscript.  Critical discussion iwth peers regarding knowledge transference to impact individuals, society, the profession and clinical practice.
7/2008 - Present OCTH 611 Research I, 4 units,  Proposal Writing Onsite intensive followed by online interactive course for doctoral students to develop individual research proposal of relevance to occupational therapy practice.  Research proposal is submitted to IRB. if(typeof(dstb)!= "undefined"){ dstb();}
4/2006 - Present OCTH 573 Research III Facilitate completion of data analysis and manuscript.  Culmination of project with Research Colloquium for oral presentation of research projects.
Mentoring and supervison of MOT research student projects to complete written paper, oral presentation, and development of poster. 3 hrs for 10 weeks.
4/2006 - Present OCTH  571 Research I Coordinate group graduate students to develop research proposal and submission to IRB
Course Coordinator, Weekly discusssions with individual groups on Development of Research Proposal; Class Discussions and Team Taught Lectures on: Developing Research Question (2 hr); Using APA format ( 1 hr.); Research Methods (6 hrs); Preparation of Informed Consent Documents and Recruitment (3 hr); Ethics of Research (2 hrs)
3/2006 - Present OCTH 572 Research II weekly seminar meetings with graduate groups to implement data collection and analysis
Mentor and supervise data collection for 6 MOT group student research projects; meet 1 hr a week for each group. Facilitate student and faculty advisors through research process.
9/2005 - 12/2005 Proposal Writing Class
Mentor 3 groups of MOT student researchers to develop proposal for submission to IRB. 3hrs for 10 weeks
7/2002 - Present OCTH 572, Research II, Coordinate graduate level research groups for data collection and beginning analysis of projects.  Weekly meeting with groups and advisors
Administrative Teaching Roles
1/2009 - 4/2009 OCTH 612: Research II Data Collection, 3 units, Doctoral students begin data collection for individual research project.  Participation in weekly online discussion modules facilitating reflection, sharing, growth.  Development of data collection and data management timelines.
2/2001 - 6/2007 Program Director MOT
Curriculum Development, Accreditation Standards, and Faculty Development for MOT entry level program
9/1997 - Present OCTH 309 Human Occupation Across the Lifespan Coordinator of team course to develop and understanding of how occupation, embedded in a diverse social-cultural context, is shaped and changed throughout the human lifespan.
Coordinator of teaching team, 5 units, 25 hrs of lecture on theory, infant and child development, emergence of occupations, and occupational balance.