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Eileen Brantley, PhD
Assistant Professor, Basic Sciences
School of Medicine
Assistant Professor, Pharmaceutical and Administrative Sciences
School of Pharmacy
Other LLU Classes Outside Of Schedule 
5/2010 PHRM 513 Medical Pharmacology
Gave lectures in Cancer Pharmacology
4/2010 - 6/2010 IBGS 513 Cellular Mechanisms & Integrated Systems
1/2010 - 3/2010 IBGS 512 Cellular Mechanisms & Integrated Systems
8/2009 - 12/2009 IBGS 511 Cellular Mechanisms & Integrated Systems
3/2009 - 6/2009 IBGS 513 Cellular Mechanisms and Integrated Systems
3/2009 - 5/2009 PHRM 513 Medical Pharmacology
1/2007 - 3/2007 IBGS 512-Cellular Mechanisms and Integrated Systems
This course was designed to enable students to develop an integrated understanding of the experimental foundations and current state of biomedical science using lectures, literature-based discussions and problem-solving approaches. I specifically gave a two hour lecture regarding current approaches to drug discovery and development of cancer chemotherapeutic agents.
1/2007 - 3/2007 RXPS 715 Medicinal Chemistry V
This is a foundation course offered to pharmacy students which presented the chemistry related to drug activity including pharmacology, toxicology, absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion, mechanism of action, drug-drug interactions, dosage form formulation(s), stability, cost and use. I specifically taught lectures related to Cancer Chemotherapeutics. Altogether 11 one hour lectures were given regarding this topic.
9/2006 - 12/2006 PHRM 511 Medical Pharmacology
This course is designed to expose students to the general principles in pharmacology including pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic indices. I specifically gave a two hour lecture related to Cancer Pharmacology.
5/2005 RXPS 613 Medicinal Chemistry III
This is the third portion of a six quarter series medicinal chemistry course. I contributed three lectures to this course discussing the medicinal chemistry of agents that affect ion channels.
4/2005 RXPS 716 Medicinal Chemistry VI
This course was the final portion of a six quarter series medicinal chemistry course. I gave three lectures which completed lectures of the previous quarter discussing the medicinal chemistry of anticancer agents. In addition, I helped supervise workshops designed to emphasize principles discussed during lectures.
2/2005 - 3/2005 RXPS 715 Medicinal Chemistry V
This fifth portion of a six quarter series course primarily discussed the medicinal chemistry of chemotherapeutic agents. I contributed 8 lectures on the medicinal chemistry of cancer chemotherapeutic agents. In addition, I supervised workshops which reinforced principles taught during lectures.
1/2005 - 2/2005 RXPS 612 Medicinal Chemistry II
This course discussed principles related to the molecular mechanism of drug action and is the second portion of a six quarter sequence medicinal chemistry course. I contributed 8 lectures to this team taught course in addition to workshops that aided in reinforcing concepts taught during lectures. The lectures I was directly responsible for discussed the medicinal chemistry of agents that affect dopaminergic, adrenergic and cholinergic neurotransmission.
9/2004 Pharmacology/Pharmacokinetics of Antimigraine agents: 5HT agonists, ergot alkaloids
This one hour lecture was designed to introduce students to the pharmacology and pharmacokinetics of agents used in the treatment of migraine headaches. The etiology of migraines was also discussed. This lecture was given as a portion of a course, RXTH 771: Neurological Disorders (IPDMX).
Interactive Teaching
8/2009 - 5/2010 Evidenced-Based Medicine
7/2009 - 6/2010 Mentorship of students
6/2009 - 8/2009 I supervised summer research activities og summer students (both high school and undergraduate)..
7/2008 - 9/2009 Mentorship of student.
I currently mentor a Ph.D. graduate student and have since the Summer of 2008.  We recently submitted a manuscript for which she is the second author.
6/2008 - 7/2008 Summer research student mentorship
I mentored stundents ranging from high school to medical school during the summer on research projects pertaining to the molecular mechanism by which a novel agent exhibits anticancer activity.
8/2007 - 5/2008 Evidenced-Based Medicine
This small group course was designed to train students to effectively seek information using textbooks, PubMed and other on-line databases and articles to assess a clinical problem. There were 4-6 learners which I taught for approximately 30 1-2 hour sessions throughout the year.
1/2007 - 3/2007 RXPS 715 Medicinal Chemistry Workshops
This workshop allowed students to participate in clinically oriented problem-based learning. They would form groups of 4-7 and discuss clinical problems applying principles learned in lecture to answer specific questions. I directed two of these sessions lasting two hours each. The approximate number of learners was 50.
9/2006 - 6/2007 Postdoctoral mentorship
I mentored a postdoctoral fellow who completed a medical degree from Belamand University (Beirut, Lebanon) on a project to evaluate the ability of experimental agents to suppress melanoma growth.
8/2006 - 4/2007 Evidenced Based Medicine
This course was designed to expose medical students to search methods needed to gather sufficient data to properly assess a clinical problem. Interactive discussion was expected. There were 4-6 learners which attended approximately 30 1-2 hour sessions throughout the course of the year.
7/2006 - 8/2006 Undergraduate Training Program
I mentored a summer student as she pursued a project to evaluate the ability of an experimental agent to alter reactive oxygen species levels in susceptible cancer cells in a cytochrome-P450 dependent manner. At the end of an six weeks, she presented a poster on her work. A portion of the data she generated was submitted for publication and a revised version of this manuscript will be submitted in the upcoming weeks.
1/2006 - 3/2006 RXPS 715 Medicinal Chemistry workshops
Students in this portion of the course would work on problem-based cases after dividing up into groups of 6. There were typically about 40 students total that I supervised. I interacted with these students for approximately 4 hours total in this setting.
7/2005 - 6/2008 Mentoring-graduate student
I mentor a graduate student as he pursues his dissertation research to perform preclinical studies to elucidate the mechanism of action of experimental agents with potential to treat breast cancer.
9/2004 - 6/2005 Medicinal Chemistry workshops
I supervised and assisted in problem-based learning workshops designed to enhance the student's understanding of principles taught during lectures. I taught between 30 and 42 students and participated in approximately 10 hours of this form of interactive teaching.
Administrative Teaching Roles
4/2010 - 6/2010 I am course coordinator for IBGS 523 Journal Club III. 
1/2009 - 3/2009 IBGS 512 Cellular Mechanisms and Integrated Systems
9/2008 - 12/2008 PHRM 511 Medical Pharmacology
8/2008 - 5/2009 Evidenced Based Medicine
7/2008 - 6/2009 Graduate student mentorship
I mentor a PhD student that works in my laboratory and is exploring the role redox changes in cancer cells resulting from a novel anticancer agent contribute to its activity.
3/2008 - 6/2008 IBGS 513-Cellular Mechanisms and Integrated Systems
3/2008 - 5/2008 PHRM 513 Medical Pharmacology
1/2008 - 3/2008 IBGS 512 Cellular Mechanisms and Integrated Systems
8/2007 - 12/2007 IBGS 511 Cellular Mechanisms and Integrated Systems
3/2007 - 5/2007 PHRM 513 Medical Pharmacology