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Fatemeh Kiani, DrPH
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3/2010 - 6/2010 EPDM 555 Epidemiologic Methods in Outcomes Research and Continuous Quality Improvement
This course will guide the students to an understanding of the necessary elements of outcomes improvement and will allow them to recognize how to identify and eliminate barriers to change. Various types of outcomes that can be measured and tracked will be presented, and the appropriate use of various methodologies to analyze changes in those measures will be described. The ability to measure the outcome of interest is crucial, and various types of measures (process, outcome, financial, satisfaction) will be presented. The analysis of a particular problem (from problem description, to choice of measurements, to a description of the source of variability in the outcome) will be discussed. We will present some of the more common quality measurements used by regulatory, accrediting, and other institutions. We will also be introducing tools and techniques commonly used in quality programs through reading, discussions, and asking each student to work through mini-projects.