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Georgia Hodgkin, EdD
Associate Chair, Nutrition and Dietetics
School of Allied Health Professions
Professor, Nutrition and Dietetics
School of Allied Health Professions
Other LLU Classes Outside Of Schedule 
9/1991 - 3/2015 Nutrition Care Management
36 lectures of 50 minutes each. See course description in LLU Bulletin for DTCS 445.
Interactive Teaching
9/2007 - 12/2014 Food Selection and Presentation 2013
33 lectures/50 minutes each; 60 hours of lab. See course description for DTCS 302 in LLU Bulletin
9/1991 - 9/2014 The Art of Food Presentation
Extensive laboratory experience in menu writing, purchasing, food production, table setting, meal presentation with guests, etiquette, and break-down. Faculty and student evaluation of process. 12 to 26 students; 31 hours of laboratory.
3/1988 - 6/2015 Nutrition Counseling
Students complete interactive assignments in and out of class with interviews of patients to obtain information for nutrition assessment pertinent to nutrient analysis and setting eating behavior change objectives. Students follow up with patients in order to evaluate objective outcomes.
Administrative Teaching Roles
1/2004 - 6/2015 Associate Chair, Department of Nutrition and Dietetics
Participate in decision-making, problem-solving, visioning, student recruitment/interviewing/advising, marketing, and representing Department in appropriate forums.
7/1991 - 6/2015 DTCS 305 Professional Issues, Course Coordinator
Coordinate DTCS 303 The Art of Food Presentation, DTCS 442 Nutrition Counseling, DTCS 445 Nutrition Care Management.
7/1987 - 6/2009 Program Director, Dietetic Technology
Administer the Dietetic Technology Program.