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Gail Stewart, DO
Associate Professor, Emergency Medicine
School of Medicine
Other LLU Classes Outside Of Schedule 

Synthetic drugs of abuse. Presented at the OPSC national conference.


Spots and Dots - Pediatric rashes.  Presented at the OPSC national conference.


Evaluation of the pediatric cervical spine. EM conference 


Procedure workshop for ACEP meeting

6/2007 Child Abuse
Medical Student Lecture

Cutaneous manifestations of Pediatric Conditions.  Presented at the OPSC national conference.

1/2007 Interesting Cases
Presentation and review of interesting cases seen in the emergency department.
9/2006 Interesting Cases
A presentation of 9 cases seen in the emergency department, with a review of clinical presentation, pathophysiology, and treatment.
3/2006 Pediatric Medical Emergencies
APLS Course Lecture
3/2006 Pediatric Toxicology
APLS Course Lecture
3/2006 Snakes and Spiders
APLS Lecture
2/2006 Pediatric Sepsis
Original lecture given to the emergency department residents
9/2005 Environmental Emergencies
APLS Course lecture
9/2005 Health Care Needs for Special Children
APLS course lecture
7/2005 Snakes and Spiders
APLS course. Self prepared lecture concentrating on snake and spider recognition and treatment of envenomation
7/2005 Toxicology Overview
APLS lecture for new residents
3/2005 Conditions mistaken for child abuse
Pediatric resident conference
2/2005 Conditions mistaken for child abuse
Pediatric Emergency Medicine conference.
8/2004 Challenging cases
APLS course for residents, med students, nurses, and EMT's. Content: intussusception, pyloric stenosis, Kawasaki disease etc.
8/2004 Environmental Emergencies
APLS course taught to residents, nurses, medical students and EMT's. Content: snake bites, hypothermia, hyperthermia, drowning
8/2004 Neonatal emergencies
APLS course.
Interactive Teaching
3/2006 Pediatric Airway Station
APLS Course Skills station
9/2005 Interosseous Insertion
APLS course
7/2005 Intraosseous insertion
APLS Course.
8/2004 Intraosseous insertion
APLS course - chicken bones used to demonstrate proper insertion of the intraosseous needle.
8/2004 Respiratory Station
APLS course. Demonstration of bag-valve-mask ventilation, endotracheal intubation, and use of the laryngo-tracheal mask airway.
Administrative Teaching Roles
3/2001 - Present APLS courses
Co-coordinator of 1-2 APLS courses per year. Geared toward residents, medical students, nurses, EMT's.