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Henry Lamberton, PsyD
Associate Dean, Student Affairs, School of Medicine
School of Medicine
Associate Professor, Psychiatry
School of Medicine
Associate Professor, Religion - Relational Studies
School of Religion
Member, Psychiatry, SM, Faculty of Graduate Studies
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Interactive Teaching
9/1995 - Present

RELR 725 Wholeness for Physicians

Knowledge, values, attitudes and skills contributing to the physician's goal of personal wholeness. This course consists of 18, 1 hour class periods. I lecture for approximately half of these. The remaing 9 are a combination of lecture, discussion and small group presentations.

8/1993 - Present

RELR 701: Orientation to Religion and Medicine

An introduction to the issues and methodologies relevant to the integration of religion/spirituality and the practice of medicine. Emphasis is given to the following sources of learning: patients, faculty, one's classmates and scripture. I was the coordinator for one of the sections of this class which met for 2 hours a week for a period of 6 weeks (total of 12 hours). The course is for first year medical students and emphasizes experiential learning. There were 30 students in my section and 5 School of Medicine Faculty Members.