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Ignatius Yacoub, PhD
Emeritus Professor, Social Work & Social Ecology
Other LLU Classes Outside Of Schedule 
9/2009 - 1/2010 teaching a new course in Macro Economic for the Ph.D. students. (4 units) teaching a new course in Organization Theary and Public policy for the Ph.D. students (4units)
-FMST Family Resource management 2units
7/2005 - 6/2006 courses taught
-SOWK 685 International Environment of Soc. Welfare 2units
7/2005 - 6/2006 courses taught
7/2005 - 6/2006 courses taught
-SOWK 672 Organiztion and Systems 3units
7/2005 - 6/2006 courses tauhgt
-SOWK 676B Human Resources/Dev. Seminar 3 units
7/2005 - 6/2006 teaching
-SOWK 673 Program Planning and Evaluation 3 unit (team teaching)
Interactive Teaching
9/2009 - 6/2010 Mentoring Mentored doctoral students who are teaching the Master''s degree program.
-Qualifying Exam- Nicolas Alenki -Ph.D. Research Paper -Jon In-Souk -PhD mentoring Ed. Cochrand, pursuing doctorate at Andrews university. Dissertation Committee-Chair- George Dzimiri Gualifying Exam. Vi Lindsey Qualifiying Exam. Aggie Jenkins Qualifing Exam.Brenda Flores
7/2004 - Present Instructor and Consultant
LEAD 886 teaching Internship Mentoring a teacher at LLU who is pursuing doctorate degree at Andrews University.
Instructional Prep of New Material
6/2005 - 7/2006 Fundamental Responsibilities and Requirements for the Protection of Human Subjects in Research
Copleted the requiorement for a certificate
4/2005 Chair
-Linking Industry Mission to Strategic management. -Sarban Oxley 0f 2002-Friend or Foe. -In Search of winning Strategy to Meet Global Challenges -Could Foreign Directors Save Firms from Financial Distress.
4/2005 Discussant
Building a Parallel Career Path.