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Jack Chen, PharmD
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11/2005 - 1/2013

RXTH 771 Neurological Disorders: LLU School of Pharmacy

9/2005 - 12/2013

Drug interactions in Parkinson Disease: LLU School of Medicine

This inservice is intended for medical students and neurology residents. A review of significant drug interactions relevant to Parkinson's disease therapy will be presented. One contact hour.

Clinical Supervision
11/2005 - 12/2013

IPPE and APPE PharmD students

Interactive Teaching
11/2005 - 12/2013

Neurology Clinical Rotation: LLU School of Pharmacy

This is a 6 week clinical rotation in an outpatient neurology clinic. The experience will focus on movement disorders (e.g., parkinsonism, tremors, dystonia, tardive dyskinesia). This is a teaching clinic and the environment is professional and friendly. The PharmD student will be treated like the medical students. They will see patients with the physcian preceptors and observe the neurological assessment and medical work-up of patients. Patient cases will be discussed and students will sit in on the medical decision making process to gain clinical maturity. On research days, students will work on ongoing research projects or self study projects under the guidance of the preceptor.

Administrative Teaching Roles
1/2006 - 12/2013


Course Director; Neurology Therapeutics; 3.5 units.

1/2006 - 12/2013


Course Co-Director. Recitation; Neurology; 0.5 units.

7/2004 - 12/2013

Movement Disorders Preceptorship

Program Director. Loma Linda University Neurology Clinic - Movement Disorders Center. This course is designed for licensed health care professionals (MD, PharmD, NP, PA, RN) to gain clinical experience managing various movement disorders. Duration is one week.

Instructional Prep of New Material
11/2005 - 1/2013

RXTH 771 Neurological Disorders

Development and continuing refinement of course syllabus for PharmD curriculum