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Jan Nick, PhD
Professor, School of Nursing
School of Nursing
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6/2006 - 8/2006 Integration of Essential Concepts, Japan program
This course is designed to broaden the registered nurse?s knowledge of current practice. Concepts, universal to clinical practice in any setting, will be described. Students will examine critically the concept of vulnerability and the concepts that are part of LLUSN?s nursing framework to be used to enhance this knowledge
9/2003 - 6/2008 Clinical Nursing Research
COURSE DESCRIPTION: Preparation of knowledgeable consumers of nursing research who can apply the scientific research process utilizing quantitative and qualitative methods and who can critique research for use in the practice setting. Focuses on using research to discover ways the professional nurse can facilitate optimal wellness through retention, attainment or maintenance of client-system stability. The overall aim for this class is to enable students to read and critically evaluate research studies and to make informed decisions about whether the findings should be applied in nursing practice.
1/2002 - 6/2006 Informatics for health care research (undergraduate) and Use of technology in Teaching (Master''s level).
1/1998 - 6/2011 Obstetric and Neonatal Nursing
COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course focuses on the application of the nursing process to the family during childbearing. Emphasis is placed on the identification of factors that promote wellness and determining stressors that influence/weaken families normal lines of defense.
Interactive Teaching
9/2005 - 6/2010 Mentoring Junior Faculty
Formal mentoring relationship with a new faculty (Anne Berit Petersen. Meet bi-weekly to achieve goals)
1/1998 - 9/2006 Clinical Instructor OB Unit
Supervision of 10 junior level nursing students for acute care L&D, cesarean deliveries, high-risk antepartal, low and high-risk postpartal, newborn nursery and NICU experiences.
Administrative Teaching Roles
9/2011 - Present NRSB 101  Critical Thinking
9/2011 - Present NRSB 105 Writing for Nursing
6/2005 - 6/2008 Program Director, Japan RN-BS degree
Responsible for admissions, progression, records review, teaching some courses, and coordinating off-campus and on campus activities for the Japan students at Saniku Gakuin College, Otaki-machi, Chiba-ken, Japan