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Jennifer St. Clair, MS
Assistant Professor, Communication Sciences and Disorders
School of Allied Health Professions
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Clinical Supervision
9/2010 - 6/2012

CMSD 467--Clinical Practicum-Supervision of Phonology Clinic

9/2009 - 6/2012

CMSD 467--Clinical Practicum-Supervision of LLE Clinic

9/2008 - 6/2009 SPPA 467--Clinical Practicum-Supervision of LLE Clinic
Administrative Teaching Roles
3/2009 - 6/2012

SPPA 485--Clinical Methods      Instruction in formulation of appropriate therapy goals and objectives, formulation of plans of treatment, charting behaviros and modification of clinical intervention based on the results, performing behavior management skills, observation of speech language pathologists in various settings and discussion of observations.

1/2009 - 3/2012

SPPA 334--Articulation/Phonological Disorders            Instruction in a knowledge base pertaining to the taure and development of normal, delayed and deviant articulation/phonology, basic diagnostic and remediation prodedures for articulation and phonological delay, searching and analyzing the current literature concerning a specific aspect of articuation/phonology.

9/2008 - 8/2012

CMSD 567-Advanced Clinical Practicum

9/2008 - 8/2012

CMSD 588-Advanced Directed Teaching

9/2008 - 12/2011

SPPA 318--Transcription/Phonetics Teaching students: to use the International Phonetics Alphabet (IPA) to transcribe quickly and accurately, identify each consonant by place of production, manner of production and voicing, identify the vowel chart and where the vowels are produced

9/2008 - 6/2012

SPPA 467--Clinical Practicum