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Jessica Kim, DDS
Adj Asst Prof, School of Dentistry
School of Dentistry
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Interactive Teaching
7/2006 - Present Clinical Faculty
From July 2006 to Jan 2007 I was a full time clinical faculty covering 9-12 students on the clinic, every day from 8 hours. As of Jan. 2007 I was promoted to Primary Attending Faculty in charge of group #8. I attend over 10 seniors, 10 juniors, 10 sophomores, and 10 freshmen dental students. Most of my interaction is with the junior and senior dental students as they are providing clinical care to patients. On top of our normal clinical schedule we have weekly meeting rotating between the juniors and seniors. Most senior meetings include literature review, junior meetings consist of typodont practice for procedure and product review.
Administrative Teaching Roles
1/2007 - Present Primary Attending Faculty
During my administrative time I weekly review students progress and take note of their deficiencies. I also prepare for our weekly meeting, whether it be clinical in nature of literature review. During my administrative time I also help students on a one on one basis on difficult cases with treatment planning or lab work