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Kenneth Burke, PhD
Emeritus Professor, Nutrition and Dietetics
School of Allied Health Professions
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9/2008 - 12/2010 Introductory Chemistry with lab AHCJ 101, 3 units lecture, 1 unit lab.Basic surbey of matter, energy, and measurement.Includes: atoms and molecules; chemical bonding; chemical reactions and reaction rates; gases, liquids, and solids; solutions and colloids; acids and bases; nuclear chemistry.
Develop Lab and Lectures
1/2007 - 3/2010 Introduction to organic chemistry with lab, AHCJ 102. Introduces the study of compounds that contain carbon. covers: alkanes, alkenes, alkynes, and aromatic compounds; alcohols, phenols, ethers and halides; aldehydes and ketones; carboxylic acids and esters; amines and amides.
9/2005 - 12/2010 Organic Chemistry with Lab, AHCJ 329, 4 quarter units lecture, 1 unit lab
Short course (1 quarter)of Organic Chemistry with Lab at an Intermediat level. Covers names and reactions of (with introduction of basic reaction mechanisms) alkanes, alkenes, alkynes, alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, carboxylic acids, esters, ethers, amines, amides,cyclic and herocyclic compounds, aromatics, steroisomerism, lipids, carbohydrates, amino acids.
Interactive Teaching
3/2008 - 6/2010 Introduction to biochemistry with lab, AHCJ 103. 3 units lecture, 1 unit lab. Introduces the chemistry of lliving systems, including: carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids; enzyme chemistry; bioenergetics; carbohydrate, lipid and protein metabolism; biosynthetic pathways; protein synthesis; chemical transmitters and immunolglobulins; body fluids, nutrition, and digestion.
Administrative Teaching Roles
10/2002 - 12/2002 DTCS 321 Nutrition and Human Metabolism: Nutrition requirements and metabolism of essntial nutrients for the human organism at the cellular level. focuses on macro-and micro-nutrients metabolism.
8/2002 - 9/2002 DTCS 302: Foods and their nutritive vallues. Changes associated with aturation, preservation, table preparation, transtportation, and storage in relation to food safety.
3/2002 - 5/2002 Advanced Nutrition, DTCS 452: Presents advanced topics of normal nutritiion, with emphasis on case studies to illuminate metabolis pathways and effects of disease.
1/2002 - 3/2002 DTCS 461, Food Science: Chemical, physical, and biological effects of maturation, processing, storage, and preservation on the structure, composition, palatability, product quality, and microbiological safety of food and its additives.