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Katherine Davis, MS
Assistant Professor, Clinical Laboratory Science
School of Allied Health Professions
Other LLU Classes Outside Of Schedule 
3/2005 - Present

CLSM 333 Clinical Chemistry II

22 Lecture hours Topics include: Clinical Enzymes, Liver Function, Endocrinology

8/2004 - 6/2006 AHCJ 105 Phlebotomy
10 Lecture hours, topics include: HIPAA, Professionalism, Communication, QA/QC, Medicolegal issues
8/2004 - 6/2011 CLSM 431 Immunoassay
Online class 10 hours/week for 5 week class
Interactive Teaching
8/2008 - Present

CLSM 309 Quantitative Analysis, Laboratory Sessions

8/2006 - Present

Radiology Assistant Class

Two hour session with Radiology Assistant students to discuss case studies and review laboratory results. Provide an overview of the clinical significance of lab testing applicable to patients seen in radiology.

1/2005 - Present

CLSM 332 Clinical Chemistry I

21 contact hours of student laboratories for 15 students

9/2004 - Present CLSM 331 Biochemistry
4 Lecture hours, Topics include: Carbohydrates & Aminoglycans
Administrative Teaching Roles
5/2007 - 6/2008

NAACLS Self-study

Helped prepare the program's self-study report to NAACLS.

8/2004 - 8/2007 CLS Clinical Coordinator
Coordinate clinical practicum schedules and affiliate contracts for the BS Clinical Laboratory Science Program
8/2004 - Present Course Coordinator
Coordinator for Beckman-Coulter employee course
8/2004 - Present Course Coordinator
Course coordinator for CLSM 309,331,332,333,431, 496,497,498
8/2004 - Present Senior Orientation
Chair for Senior Orientation
Instructional Prep of New Material
10/2006 - 6/2007 ECH Chemistry Practicum
Developed instructional material for senior rotation at East Campus Hospital
9/2006 - 6/2008 CLSM 496,497,498 Seminar
Developed senior seminar syllabus and instructional material for capstone project
8/2005 - Present Chemistry Practicum
Chemistry Practicum Materials for Kaiser Hospital
7/2004 - 8/2004 Practicum Syllabus
Preparation of Practicum syllabi for VA Hospital and Community Hospital of San Bernardino