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Karla Lavin Williams, DrPH
Assistant Professor, Allied Health Studies
School of Allied Health Professions
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Administrative Teaching Roles
1/2014 - Present HCAD 401 and HCAD 498
6/2013 - Present HCAD 414
1/2013 - Present BSHA Curriculum: Emotional and Social Intelligence Integration
In the early part of 2013, I conducted extensive research on the benefits of emotional and social intelligence competency and personal/professional growth. After obtaining my Emotional and Social Competancy Inventory certification February 2014, I began creating a revised BSHA curriculum that supports student growth in the emotional and social competencies.

The revised BSHA curriculum provides the opportunity for all BSHA students to participate in the Emotional and Social Competency Inventory-University Edition (ESCI-U) assessment. Taking the assessment is now an integral foundational component of learning in the BSHA program. The revised program courses facilitate the process of students learning about their own personal emotional and social intelligence competencies, acquiring new frameworks for utilizing the information learned, applying new information to personal and professional endeavors, and creating new personal and professional action plans.
3/2012 - 5/2013 HADM 545
6/2010 - Present HCAD 409, HCAD 305, HCAD 359, HCAD 328
Instructional Prep of New Material
6/2013 - 3/2014 I am in the process of restructuring all course objectives and material for HCAD 401 and HCAD 498. I will begin teaching HCAD 401 winter quarter 2014 and HCAD 498 spring quarter 2014.
1/2012 - 6/2013 I am in the process of developing two new courses for the 2013-2014 BSHA curriculum. The courses are entitled Sustainability for HC Management (HCAD 414) and GIS in Health Care Management (HCAD 417), both are three unit courses.